Safety Valves, Stop Valves, Control Valves and Service ...

Bopp & Reuther makes industrial processes safe and efficient. We develop and manufacture shut off valves, safety valves and control valves for the process industry, conventional power stations, the nuclear industry and other applications. Our products are supported by a worldwide service network.

... for the Process Industries, Power Plants and Nuclear Industries

The market’s leading operators of conventional and nuclear power plants have placed their trust in our expertise; one of our main objectives is to ensure that we do not disappoint them. Sensitive processes in industrial plants such as chemical, petrochemical and refineries also rely on our valves to ensure that critical processes are safely and efficiently protected and controlled. The focus and experience we have is spread and reflected in our company structure where four business units serve the different segments of the market for our products while each business unit profits from the leveraging of know-ledge and expertise across the entire company :