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Kotaminyak is proud to present you our brand of flare system, FLARE INTERNUSA.
Since the launch in 2006, we have amassed numerous references in the upstream and downstream oil and gas facilities, for onshore and offshore applications, in local and export market. We are committed to uphold our track record with our offer that encompasses quality flare systems and comprehensive services to give you the very best.


Our highly capable engineers are equipped with state-of-the-art software; Flaresim, Flarenet, Hysys, Stackdesk, and CFD for accurate and customized designs. No one-solution-fits-all and eliminating guess work, different scenarios are taken into account. Covering all parameters, our system is pre-engineered to answer all site requirements.


We ensure our manufacturing conforms to multiple international standards:
• ISO 9001
• API 521
• API 537
• ASME STS-1-2011

Kotaminyak means the City of Oil and is derived from the nickname of Balikpapan.
It is the largest city in East Kalimantan ,Indonesia where we first started the company in 1990.
Over the years,we have evolved to be one of the largest supply and services companies in Indonesia.

We represent tried and tested capabilities in supplying oil and gas packages,and specialized services.
Kotaminyak consist of branches,subsidiaries,and affiliated companies interconnecting and partnering to form a solid alliance.
Each of the entities signifies a specific and unique offering to serve our clients.

We have built an impeccable track records of successes,extensive sales network,and in-depth experiences in the industries.
We maintain more than 250 professionals with various areas of discipline.
Our presence are spread across several facilities throughout Indonesia, with headquarter in Jakarta.
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By continuing to grow and invest in the winning team,winning product,and winning concept,Kotaminyak is becoming an integrated supply,engineering,and services company.
We are enhancing our engineering capabilities and launching more leading and exciting products and services,as well as expanding our business boundaries overseas.

Welcome to the world of Kotaminyak.

Types Of Products

 Steam Assisted Flares
This type of flare utilizes the a steam injection to be mixed with gas at the flare tip in order to reduce smoke emission and radiation levels. Steam in high temperature will convert incomplete gas product such as CO to CO2. For cold countries, steam-assisted type is suitable for freeezing protection.

 Air Assisted Flares
Heavy hydrocarbon has great tendency to produce smoke because unburnt hydrocarbon or gas particles. In principle of stoichiometric combustion of relief can be achieved by installing blowers to provide excess air at the flare tip. This excess air is required to create a complete combustion and smokeless flaring.

 Unassisted Flare
When the gas has good composition such as many light hydrocarbon content and high LHV, the application fo this flare type will be the main consideration after conducting the engineering simulation and calculation. it has lower investment cost and maintenance cost than other assisted-flare.

 Combined HP & LP Flare
In one compact design, two types of gases which are low pressure gas and high pressure gas are burnt in a single flare tip. Designed with integrated turbulence swirl plates, it improves the mixing between high pressure gas and low pressure gas with surrounding air to create a turbulence effect inside the flame. Final goal in this process is complete combustion with smokeless flame.

 Offshore Flares
Any type of elevated flare can be applicable for offshore facilities. It considers the material of flare tip from high resistant of sour condition (corrosivity) and weather condition.

 Pit Flares>
A pit flare is installed only for onshore application and generally intermittent operation. It is generally used to burn gas with some liquid content.

 Enclosed Ground Flares
Enclosed ground flare hide its flame inside the enclosed wall which is lined with ceramic fibre refactory to greatly reduce the high temperature burning, noise and luminosity. Very suitable for facility near residential or local enviromental regulations do not permit to have a visible flame or when there is no adequate space to install another type of flare.

 Multipoint Ground Flares
Designed with several array of small pipe flare tip, installed vertically, and having a height of about 1.5 meters, it provides more efficient combustion through improved air entrainment and reduce flame length. The result is improved combustion with lower smoke emission and radiation levels than a comparable large single tip.

 Low BTU Flares
Some gases contains composition which has low lower heating value (LHV), affects the gas is difficult to be burnt as minimum lower heating value of gas should be 200 Btu/scf. To increase the LHV, a gas injection into the flame through manifold or jets sprayer is required. For high pressure gas, its kinetic energy can be used to entrain additional air by piping it separately to the flare tip.

 Portable Flares
A portable flare is normally used for temporary flaring, for instance well test burner. This flare can be mobilized from one area to others. Portable flare is consist of Stack and ignition system that complete with battery and LPG bottles that mounted on a trailer. This stack can be self-supporting or guyed wire.

 Venting system
This vent is designed same with flare design type, radiation and noise shall be considered in this vent stack design, but vent stack is not completed with ignition system. The waste gas is only vented without flaring. Some safety devices accessories are usually included for vent system such as Flame arrestor, CO2 Snuffing system and spray system with deluge valve. Kotaminyak can supply Vent Stack only without any accessories and Vent stack package complete with it’s safety devices.

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